Thursday, 29 March 2012

Screen Vs Print Media Design...

screen VS print
There are two types of media that people usually used which is print media and screen media. What are this print and screen media? Print media is the type of media such as magazine advertisement, product design and packaging and newspaper. On the other hand, screen media is the type of media such as standard website, email newsletter and banner advertising. Miller (2012) quoted that, “the basic difference of print and screen media is that when designing for print you will end up with a finished product that someone can hold in their hand, and when designing for the web you will generally work on an ever-evolving piece viewed on a computer display”. There are significant differences in the layout design for both media.

For print media:
  • Spaces is measured in inches
  • Dealing with anything such as billboard and banner
  • The space must me consistent from start until finish and it must be the same look for everyone to see
For screen media:
  • Pixels is used to measure space
  • The important way to keep people always open the website is the consistent design and navigation        
  • Designing your sites to look the best on all size monitors and at all monitor resolutions (Miller 2012).

In print media same text formatted using industry standard page layout software (QuarkXpress) using styles and a layout specifically designed with the content and target users and in screen media hypertext using a style sheet and layout specifically designed with the content and target users (Benetos 2005).

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